Braised beef short ribs with winter vegetables and thyme
For 4 persons For the red wine marinade 750 ml bottle of dry red wine
1/2 cup carrots cut into 1-inch dice
2/3 cup leeks cut into 1-inch dice (white and green parts only)
1/2 cup onions cut into 1-inch dice
3 cloves garlic, smashed
10 sprigs Italian parsley
2 sprigs thyme
1 bay leaf

For the short ribs
2 pieces prime boneless short ribs (about 1-inch-thick and 1.75 pounds each)
1/8 cup Canola oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
Flour for dusting
3 cups veal stock
3 cups chicken stock

For the sauce bordelaise
100 g rendered beef fat
450 g shallots, finely sliced
250 g carrots, sliced
125 g garlic, crushed
150 g mushrooms, sliced
30 g parsley
8 sprigs thyme
2 bay leaves
4 g peppercorns to finish
1.5 l red wine
4 l veal stock
Salt and pepper to taste
3 to 4 sprays of Happy plant extract Thyme “Les Roches” (Baume des Anges)

For the vegetables
4 carrots cut into obliques
8 Tokyo turnips quartered
8 fingerling potatoes quartered
10 white button mushrooms cleaned
10 white pearl onions
1 medium bulb celery root, peeled and cut to medium dice
2 tablespoons butter
Fleur de sel
White wine vinegar

4 to 8 sprays of Happy plant extract Thyme “Les Roches”
Braised beef short ribs with winter vegetables and thyme
Plante heureuse n°11 Thym Les Roches
Une recette de : Thomas Keller parrain du thym
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Braised beef short ribs with a “navarin” of winter root vegetables, sauce bordelaise, and thyme “Les Roches”

For the red wine marinade
Place all the ingredients in a wide pot and bring to a boil. Tilt the pan away from the burner and carefully ignite the wine with a match. Allow the alcohol to burn off, then light it again. If there are no flames, the alcohol has burned off. Chill the marinade completely, then pour over the meat and marinate for 8 to 24 hours.

For the short ribs
If you have two large pieces of boneless short ribs, trim the excess fat from the meat (leaving the silver skin attached) and cut each piece against the grain into two pieces. If you have smaller boneless short ribs, there is no need to split them in half. Bone-in short ribs usually don’t require any trimming. Place the meat in a well-sealed plastic bag with the marinade and refrigerate for 8 to 24 hours, turning the bag once or twice.
Preheat the oven to 275 °C. Remove the meat from the marinade. Strain the marinade in to a saucepan and reserve the vegetables. Bring the marinade to a simmer and “clarify” the liquid by skimming off the impurities that rise to the top. Remove from the heat. Heat the canola oil in a large skillet over high heat. Season both sides of each piece of meat with salt and pepper and dust with flour, patting off the excess. Place the meat in the hot oil and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on all sides, until well browned (adjusting the heat as necessary). Remove the meat to a heavy ovenproof pot or casserole that holds the pieces in one layer.
Pour off the excess oil from the pan, return to the heat, and sauté the reserved vegetables for a few minutes, or until they begin to caramelize. Spread the vegetables over the meat in an even layer and add the marinade and 2 cups each of veal and chicken stock. The meat should be covered with liquid; if it is not, add more veal and chicken stock as necessary.
Bring the liquid to a simmer on the stove. Cover with a parchment paper lid, transfer to the oven, and braise for 3.5 hours. The meat will be very tender.
Remove the meat from the pot and strain the liquid into a tall narrow container. Discard the vegetables. Once the meat has cooled slightly, cover it and refrigerate it (Note: it can be stored for up to two days).
Skim the fat that rises to the top of the braising liquid and strain the liquid several times through a chinois until the chinois remains clean. Reserve one third of the braisage for reheating the short ribs and vegetable garnish before serving. The other two thirds will be used in the sauce bordelaise.

For the sauce bordelaise
In a small sautoir, cook the shallots, carrots, mushrooms and garlic gently in the rendered beef fat until aromatic. Add the parsley, thyme, peppercorns and bay leaf. Add the red wine and reduce until the pan is nearly dry. Add the veal stock and the reserved short ribs braisage and reduce by half. Strain and finish with a little butter and a few sprays of thyme extract.

For the vegetables
Rub the inside of a small casserole dish with whole butter. Add all of the vegetables and a small amount of fond blanc or filtered water. Top with a few cubes of finely diced butter and a few grains of fleur de sel. Cover the casserole with
A buttered parchment paper cartouche and slowly bring to a simmer. The salt will extract the vegetables natural juices and they will bind with the butter, forming a glaze. Allow the vegetables to slowly glaze under the cartouche for about 15 minutes. A few minutes before serving, remove the cartouche and allow the vegetables to glaze perfectly. Reserve in a warm spot.

To assemble
Reheat the portioned short rib in its braisage until hot and tender.
Place the perfect cubes of glazed short ribs in the middle of a large soup bowl. ?
Cover with the thyme extract infused bordelaise sauce. ?
Gently top the short ribs with the mixture of the tender glazed vegetables. ?
Finish with a few grains of fleur de sel, fresh garden herbs and 1 or 2 sprays of thyme “Les Roches” extract.