Verbena Marshmallow
340g sugar
66g glucose
100g water
100g egg whites
Icing sugar
18 gelatine sheets
20 to 30 sprays of Happy plant extract Exotic Lemon Verbena (Baume des Anges)
Verbena Marshmallow
Plante heureuse n°27 Exotic Lemon Verbena
Une recette de : Vincent Crépel chef of Porte 12, Paris, France
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Mix sugar, water and glucose and cook until 130°C.
When the above reach 110°C, whip the egg whites at low speed and pour step by step the 50g of caster sugar.
Pour the sugar water glucose into the meringue. Whip up for a while.
Add the warm melted gelatine and the Exotic Lemon Verbena Extract sprays.
Dust silicon bakeware with snow powder (made out of cornstarch + icing sugar), pour the guimauve in.
Let it set overnight.
Unmold the marshmallows and cut them in cubes.
Roll the marshmallows in more snow powder and toast them using a blow torch.
Finish with fresh lime zest using a Microplane.