Cooking & Pastry-making – Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Shake well before use.

1. Directly on the plate
Spray firmly 10 to 15 cm from the plate (hot and cold dishes, salads, tarts, fruit salad, mousse, etc.) before serving.

2. When cooking
Blissful Plant Extracts are sensitive to heat. Add them preferably at the end. To preserve the rich aromas, use them at temperatures below 100°C. If you use them at higher temperatures, reduce the cooking time or increase the doses.



The doses below are per person or per share, to be added either while cooking or at the end. For a recipe for 4 persons, for example, multiply these figures by 4. These extracts have intense flavours, so taste while you cook!

As a rule: 1 to 2 sprays

For ice cream, sorbets and other frozen preparations: 3 to 5 sprays

For dishes with a strong flavour*: 5 to 10 sprays

* (Shellfish, rich dark chocolate, etc.)

One or two sprays are enough to bring an intense taste, adding only an infinitesimal amount of liquid. Plant essences can therefore be used for:

  • intensely-flavoured gravies and sauces – just a few dots in the plate are enough;
  • meringues or espumas, fully natural and with no bitterness.

Use Blissful Plant Extracts to prepare dishes with very intense flavours, without the bitterness that can come from using infused fresh plants.

A 15 ml (0.5 oz.) bottle contains more than 110 sprays.

Vegan friendly, salt and gluten-free, and virtually calorie-free, Blissful Plant Extracts are perfect for adding flavours to a gourmet, healthy cuisine.


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