Large green basil semolina pudding
For 6 to 8 people

175g polenta
800ml coconut milk
200g thick sour cream
150g condensed milk
100g sugar
50g butter
1/2 vanilla pod
10 sprays of Blissful plant Large green basil extract (Baume des Anges)
Large green basil semolina pudding
Happy plant n°14 Basilic grand vert
A recipe of: Éric Menchon chef and owner of restaurant Le Moissonier in Cologne, Germany
Difficulty : star_on.jpgstar_on.jpgstar_off.jpg
Cook the polenta with the coconut milk, cream, sugar, butter and the half pod of vanilla for about 20 minutes.
Off the heat, add the condensed milk and spray the Large green basil extract.
Put in a terrine and leave to cool. Cut into large cubes. Roll in the brown sugar and caramelise using a blowtorch.

Serve with seasonal fruit, cooked, raw and dried, and macaroons.


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