Marinated wolf fish with lavender zephyr
For 10 to 15 cocktail bites

For the wolf fish tartare
100g wolf fish tartare
4g olive oil
4g lime juice
4g lavender honey
11g flesh of Soliès figs
Timut pepper

For the lavender yoghurt zephyr
75g yoghurt
3g olive oil
90g egg whites
1g lime juice
A dozen sprays of Blissful plant Lavender Carla extract (Baume des Anges)
Marinated wolf fish with lavender zephyr
Happy plant n°1 Carla lavender
A recipe of: Guy Krenzer
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Honey-marinated wolf fish, lemon and olive oil, Soliès figs and lavender yoghurt zephyr.

Wolf fish tartare
Prepare a lemon-honey-lavender vinegar by mixing the olive oil, lime juice and lavender honey.
Mix this vinegar with the other ingredients of the tartare.

Lavender yoghurt zephyr
Mix the ingredients. Put the mixture in the siphon.

Spoon the tartare and the zephyr into small glasses.


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