Little choux with Lady Rose flower
For 45 to 50 choux

For the choux pastry
315g water
315g whole milk
285g unsalted butter
10g fine salt
10g caster sugar
335g type 55 flour
550g whole eggs

Basic syrup
150g water
200g caster sugar

500g white fondant
50g basic syrup

Vanilla-geranium custard cream
1l whole milk
125g caster sugar
240g egg yolk
125g caster sugar
80g custard powder
2 vanilla pods
20 to 30 sprays of essence of geranium
Little choux with Lady Rose flower
Happy plant n°43 Geranium Bourbon
A recipe of: Guy Krenzer
Difficulty : star_on.jpgstar_on.jpgstar_on.jpg
Choux pastry
Boil the milk, water, butter, salt and sugar.
Sift the flour and lightly beat the eggs.
Off the heat, add the flour to the boiling liquid.
Dry out the dough by putting it back on the heat to form a paste and beat until it comes away from the sides of the pan.
Transfer the dough into a bowl, then incorporate the beaten eggs a bit at a time.
If necessary, add eggs or milk to make the texture softer.

While the choux pastry is still warm, make choux, eclairs or chouquettes (small buns).
Use a no.12 nozzle to pipe the dough into eclairs.
Use a no.5 nozzle to pipe the “head” of the religieuses.
Use a no.8 nozzle to pipe the “body” of the religieuses.
Bake at 180°C for 25 minutes for the small choux buns and 30 to 35 minutes for the large ones.

Basic syrup
Boil water and sugar for 10 seconds. Leave to cool.

Melt the fondant and syrup in the microwave or in a saucepan.
Temper the preparation at 37°C.

Vanilla-geranium custard cream
Bring the milk to a boil with half of the sugar and the vanilla pods split and scraped.
Mix the egg yolks with the other half of the sugar and the custard powder.
Mix roughly. Cook this mixture for 2 minutes.
Pour the vanilla cream in a bowl, cover with cling-film. Refrigerate. Stir in 2 drops of geranium essence.

Fill the eclairs and choux with vanilla-geranium custard cream.
Ice them with fondant.


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