Freshly-caught scallops
For 2 people

100g Saint-Jacques (scallops) (approx. 4 pieces)
1 bunch of verbena
100g grape seed oil
2 to 6 sprays Blissful plant Exotic lemon verbena extract (Baume des Anges)
300g green zebra tomatoes
15g yuzu juice
2 violets
Sheet gelatine
Freshly-caught scallops
Happy plant n°27 Exotic lemon verbena
A recipe of: Arnaud Bignon Chef at The Greenhouse, London
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Verbena oil
Heat the oil at 100°C, pour over the verbena leaves and mix in a blender for 1 minute. Sieve through a gauze to keep only the oil and quickly cool. Add the Exotic lemon verbena extract and mix.

Jelly of green zebra tomatoes
Mix the tomatoes and leave them to drain in a gauze to keep only the water. Season with a little salt. Prepare one sheet of gelatine per 150g of liquid obtained. Heat some of the tomato water to melt the gelatine. Mix everything and leave to set in a cool place.

Saint-Jacques (scallops)
Open the scallops and keep only the whites. Wash them well to remove any sand and dry them out.
Slice each scallop into 8 and season with yuzu juice, a little oil of verbena and fleur de sel.

Arrange the scallops in the bottom of a shallow dish and cover with jelly, add a few strands of glasswort, just bleached, and a few petals of violet.


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