Coconut geranium dessert
For 4 people

For the French meringue
50g egg whites
100g caster sugar
4 sprays of Blissful plant Bourbon geranium extract (Baume des Anges)

For the candied grapefruit
80g grapefruit rind
80g caster sugar

For the coconut sorbet
154g water
25g invert sugar (Trimoline)
16g atomised (powdered) glucose
42g caster sugar
3g super neutrose
5g lime juice
250 g coconut purée
Around 15 sprays of Blissful plant Bourbon geranium extract (Baume des Anges)

For the Tasmanian pepper water

250g water
12.5g caster sugar
1g Tasmanian pepper
25g grapefruit juice
0.2g xanthan gum
Coconut geranium dessert
Happy plant n°43 Geranium Bourbon
A recipe of: Sébastien Vauxion Sponsor of Bourbon geranium
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Coconut sorbet, meringue with geranium, grapefruit and pepper.

French meringue
Whisk the whites with 15g caster sugar, then blend in the rest with a spatula.
Pipe meringue tears on a baking tray, using a Saint Honoré nozzle.
Bake for 1 hour at 80°C. Keep in a dry place.

Candied grapefruit
Cut the rinds and then blanch them 3 times.
Add their weight in sugar and cook them slowly in a saucepan until candied.

Coconut sorbet
Make a syrup with the water, the Trimoline and the mixed powders.
Pour the lime juice on the melted coconut purée and add the sprays of extract. Mix while hot. Leave to mature for at least 4 hours, then whisk Keep in the freezer until you serve.

Tasmanian pepper water
Boil the water with the sugar. Add the ground peppercorns, film and leave to infuse for 12 minutes. Sieve with a chinois, add grapefruit juice and then the xanthan gum on the surface. Leave to blend for 10 minutes, then mix. Degas by placing the mixture in a vacuum-pack bag. Sieve.

Place the various elements in a plate. Top with a few mountain flowers and a few slivers of aloe vera.


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