John Dory with verbena
For 10 people

1 John Dory, about 2kg

For the beurre blanc (white butter sauce)
100g shallots
150g white wine
100g cider vinegar
Cockle juice
1 stick of lemongrass
Branch of verbena
200g butter
1 tablespoon cream
A dozen sprays of Blissful plant Exotic lemon verbena extract (Baume des Anges)

For the sorrel cream
1 bunch of sorrel
1 poached egg
100g extra virgin olive oil
Salt and tabasco

For the black olive Virgin
1 yellow lemon and rind
1 quarter of chives
10 black olives
12 cockles

For the vegetable crisp
Clarified butter
100g Paris mushrooms
50g onions
100g leeks
20g spinach
3 sheets of filo pastry

For the filling
1/4 pointed cabbage
500g chanterelle mushrooms

Verbena powder
10 verbena leaves
30 leaves of sorrel
John Dory with verbena
Happy plant n°27 Exotic lemon verbena
A recipe of: Régis et Jacques Marcon Jacques is the sponsor of Exotic lemon verbena
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John Dory with verbena, chanterelles with sorrel sauce, black olive sauce.

Fillet the John Dory and place the fillets in a vacuum-pack bag with a verbena leaf and olive oil.
Cook for 15 minutes at 43°. Glaze the fillets with butter whisked with shellfish juice.

Beurre blanc (White butter sauce)
Chop the shallots, pour in white wine and vinegar and reduce by half.
Add the cockle juice Reduce to one-third.
Cut the stick of lemongrass and infuse it in the liquid for 5 minutes. Add the verbena stem and take off the heat.
Sieve and leave to cool.
Whisk in the butter, add a tablespoon of cream, salt and pepper, add lemon juice and spray 10 to 15 sprays of exotic verbena extract.

Sorrel cream
Mix the sorrel with the poached egg yolk and whisk in the oil. Adjust
the seasoning, season with salt and tabasco.

Vierge d’olive noire (black olive sauce)
Blanch the lemon rind and cut into small dice, chop the chives, slice the pitted olives. Open the cockles (keep the juice) and clean them.
Mix all these ingredients to make a sauce, add a dash of lemon vinegar and a dash of olive oil.

Vegetable crisp
Finely chop the leeks and onions and cook them in butter. Add the duxelles of button mushrooms, then the herbs. Adjust the seasoning. Finely chop everything with a knife.
Roll the filo pastry sheets with this mixture into a cigarette shape, paste them with clarified butter. Brown the cigarettes in a frying pan.

Steam the cabbage leaves, chop them finely. Toss the chanterelles over high heat, season with tarragon, mix the cabbage with the chanterelles, add a knob of butter.


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