Crunchy citrus bites with large green basil and ginger
For 10 crunchy bites

For the caramel cylinders
300g glucose
225g fondant icing
15g butter
60g yuzu powder
Stencils, rectangles of 6.5 x 3.5cm
A wooden stick of 1.5 cm diameter

For the cream of large green basil
370g cream
40g sugar
40g milk
22g kuzu
5 sheets gelatine
2 bunches of basil, bleached
10-15 sprays of Blissful plant Large green basil extract (Baume des Anges)

For the herb rolls
1 cucumber
10 basil leaves
10 mint leaves
10 coriander leaves
5 green shiso leaves
5 slivers of ginger
Syrup (50g sugar, 50g glucose, 100g lemon juice)
Crunchy citrus bites with large green basil and ginger
Happy plant n°14 Large green basil
A recipe of: Pascal Barbot Sponsor of Large green basil
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Caramel cylinders
Cook the glucose and the fondant icing until they start to brown (clear caramel). Off the heat, add the butter and mix. Pour on a silicone mat (Silpat) and leave to harden until fully cool.
Mix the caramel into a fine powder.
Take 420g of this opaline powder and mix it with 60g powdered yuzu.
Place the stencils on the Silpat and sprinkle the opaline-yuzu with a fine sieve. Remove the stencil and bake for about 10 minutes at 130-150°C until the opaline forms tuile biscuits. As soon as you remove them from the oven, roll the tuiles around the stick to form cylinders.

Cream of large green basil
Heat the cream with the sugar, dilute the kuzu with the milk and add it to the cream when it comes to the boil.
Stir energetically and continue cooking for 2 minutes. Off the heat, add the gelatine and mix in the basil and sprays of large green basil extract. Stand on ice and leave to cool. Allow to stand for at least 12 hours.
Whip and keep in a cool place in a disposable piping bag.

Herb rolls and presentation
Blanch the ginger in boiling water and cool in iced water. Add the slivers to the boiling syrup and cook for 2 minutes. Refrigerate.
Cut 3cm-long sticks of cucumber, leaving the skin.
Place a shiso leaf cut in half on your worktop, add a basil leaf, a mint leaf and a coriander leaf, and place a stick of cucumber in the centre. Form a roll and hold it tight. Add a sliver of ginger and place this herb roll inside the yuzu caramel tuile.
Finish the crunchy bites by adding large green basil cream on both sides and serve immediately.


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