Arnaud Faye
Arnaud Faye
Chef of L'Auberge du Jeu de Paume in Chantilly, France, 2 Michelin stars
After having worked at the Ritz with Michel Roth, at the Mandarin Oriental with Thierry Marx and at Relais Bernard Loiseau, Arnaud Faye is currently the chef of the two restaurants of L'Auberge du Jeu de Paume, Relais & Châteaux: La Table du Connétable, a gourmet restaurant, and Le Jardin d'Hiver, which serves a simple and authentic cuisine. Arnaud Faye won the “Création et Saveurs” competition in 2010. He was awarded his first Michelin star in 2013, just six months after the restaurant opened, and a second in February 2014. His cuisine combines nature and terroir and draws upon high quality products, thanks to the work and passion of growers. It respects the product with an innovative twist, playing on textures.
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